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VSN Video Intro

~ Video Transcript ~

Hi! I’m Jeff Silverman, founder, owner operator of Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) and Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN). I thought I might take this opportunity to show you first hand, how I am able to work with so many incredibly talented people, artists, songwriters and some of the world’s best musicians around the globe with my virtual online recording studio called VSN.

I made this process extremely “user friendly” for you and I to connect in real time, for tracking, for mixing, for mastering etc., directly from my studio here in Nashville / Mt. Juliet, TN USA (Palette Studio), to the comfort of your own home, studio or home studio, located just about anywhere in the world.

One important thing to keep in mind.  You DO NOT have to be an engineer.  You DON’T have to be a “techie”. As long as you have a laptop and / or desktop computer connected to the internet and you have iTunes, we’re ready to go!! So… Here’s a quick 2 minute introduction video to show you first hand, how I can bring my studio directly to YOU via VSN!

If you’d like to see a few VSN video samples, CLICK HERE.  To read more about VSN, please CLICK HERE. Feel free to contact me as well CLICK HERE and I’ll be happy to give you a free test run!

Thank you VERY MUCH!

For more info on Jeff, CLICK HERE.


VSN Video Music written and produced by: Jeff Silverman and Aeone
Video Edited by: Heiko Gentsch

Getting Started

If you require assistance with your current / next music project and would like to discuss the VIRTUAL STUDIO NASHVILLE solution, please contact me!